A cozy niche in lower Manhattan.

Welcome to Nolita

A cozy niche in lower Manhattan.
Nolita, which stands for North of Little Italy, sits at the nexus of a number of popular downtown neighborhoods: SoHo, NoHo, the Lower East Side, and Little Italy. Originally filled with Italian slaughterhouses, bakeries, and churches, Nolita received its old-world character from first-time residents in the 1770s.
Whether in one of its stylish boutiques, cozy coffee shops, or unassuming eateries, Nolita invites you to take a deep breath and relax. This neighborhood is brimming with a subtle energy that says life can - and should be - just a little bit simpler.

What to Expect

A neighborhood that combines downtown lifestyle with a cozy, quaint vibe.
Nolita feels like an intimate neighborhood where you can go to escape the crowds of SoHo or tourists passing through Little Italy to experience a quiet moment of your own.
In Nolita, residents know and see each other often. As you walk down the street, you won’t be surprised to see neighbors sharing casual exchanges with each other.
The friendly, welcoming atmosphere makes Nolita feel like a tried-and-true community in the heart of the city.

The Lifestyle

Outdoor lounging on picturesque streets, discovering hidden finds at chic boutiques and art galleries, and dinner and drinks that extend late into the night.
Before noon, Nolita looks like the background of a film set in New York.
Narrow streets and outdoor seating sometimes make Nolita feel like photographs taken from France or Italy. You might forget for a moment that you’re still in Manhattan.
Relatively free of car traffic, the empty streets turn into a commuter’s playground where you can ride freely throughout the neighborhood.
Nolita has emerged as a popular shopping destination, with a number of fashion-forward boutiques and vintage shops sprinkled throughout the neighborhood.
You can find well-known designer shops like Rag & Bone and Vince, but smaller, independently owned clothing and jewelry shops are hidden gems waiting to be discovered by the diligent explorer.
Pop-up art galleries and other shops also keep life exciting in Nolita. Galleries and storefronts open sidewalk shows and prove that not every inspiring art exhibit needs a lot of space.
But culture doesn’t end with fashion and art; food is one of the defining attractions in this neighborhood. Both Little Italy and Nolita host summer fairs where festival favorites like funnel cake and corn-on-the-cob are in high demand.
At any hour of the day, Nolita offers a fun selection of eateries to choose from. With some of the best restaurants south of Houston, people from all parts of the city flock to Nolita for a good meal.
Mostly on the casual side, regulars and long-time residents can often be found at their favorite bars or cafes.
Nightlife here is a little more laid back than in other downtown neighborhoods. There are plenty of relaxing places to grab a glass of wine, and divey yet chic bars like Botanica or Sweet and Vicious are local favorites.

The Market

Competitive. Manicured pre-war walk-ups with low turnover rates.
In a neighborhood that's only four blocks wide, apartments can be hard to find. Turnover rates are low because many residents know that if they leave Nolita, it might be difficult to come back.
Pre-war walk-ups are most popular, but often have smaller spaces. Those that are looking for slightly larger spaces can choose from a handful of newer doorman buildings.

You'll Fall in Love With

The effortlessly cool charm of this small but vibrant neighborhood.
The streets of Nolita look like outdoor galleries where brick walls become a colorful backdrop for passerbys.
Here, you have all of downtown at your fingertips, but get to come home to a family-like community. The small, homey details combine to make it a truly unique part of Manhattan.
That's why there’s no need for boasting or bravado when it comes to this neighborhood. The quiet elegance of Nolita more than speaks for itself.
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