Greenwich Village

The heart and soul of lower Manhattan.

Welcome to Greenwich Village

The heart and soul of lower Manhattan.
For most of the 20th century, Greenwich Village was the center of downtown culture. In the 60s, the Village was the birthplace of the beatnik generation. Allen Ginsberg was known to pop up at Cafe Reggio, while Bob Dylan was a regular performer at Cafe Wha.
“The Village” is a beloved mix of the best that New York has to offer, including the iconic Washington Square Park. A diverse group of residents all contribute to the energy of this lively yet well-behaved slice of Manhattan.

What to Expect

A bustling, centrally located neighborhood.
During the day, the Village moves at a brisk, industrious pace. There’s almost always a consistent level of foot traffic moving throughout the neighborhood.
Greenwich Village sits in a great location that allows for easy access to Union Square and Midtown, as well as other neighborhoods downtown like the West Village and Soho.
Perhaps the most iconic part of the neighborhood is Washington Square Park, the heart and soul of Greenwich Village.
In this community watering hole, almost anything goes. Friendly chess games, performance art, and live music make it a meeting ground for any and all residents.
You might also encounter a protest or public demonstration; the park has become synonymous with activism, social justice, and self-expression.

The Lifestyle

Well-balanced. Active days blend into fun, relaxing nights.
Entertainment never ends in the Village. The neighborhood is a popular meet-up spot for get togethers amongst friends.
With plenty of popular restaurants, Greenwich Village consistently draws diners from across the city.
The summer is an especially great time to enjoy Greenwich Village, with a surplus of outdoor seating perfect for a great meal and quality people-watching.
Right below Washington Square is the center of Village nightlife. Here, bars are open late and tourists pour out of pubs on Bleecker Street and MacDougal Street well-into the wee hours of the morning.

The Market

Generally expensive, but plenty of options across a diverse blend of walk-ups, brownstones, and doorman buildings.
Some residents might find pre-war walk-ups on side streets, but will often pay for the idyllic location rather than the space.
For luxury living, residents can seek out the high-rise full-service buildings on Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue in between Washington Square and Union Square.
The Village also has a sprinkling of brownstones that give pockets of the neighborhood a homey, suburban feel.

You'll Fall in Love With

The communal culture of this down-to-earth, embracing neighborhood.
Throughout it’s history, Greenwich Village has always been a breeding ground for important, influential New Yorkers. Maybe that’s why it feels like with just the right amount of persistence...
...almost anyone can make it the Village.
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