A revitalized post-industrial neighborhood.

Welcome to Greenpoint

A revitalized post-industrial neighborhood.
Greenpoint has long been an industrial maritime neighborhood, and the home to Polish and Irish immigrants beginning in the late 1800s. Shipbuilding, glasswork, and pencil manufacturing were the big businesses in the area until World War II. Today however, Greenpoint has shed its reputation as an industrial neighborhood in exchange for one as a leader in Brooklyn's new artistic scene.
Located on the northernmost point in Brooklyn, Greenpoint offers old-school community vibes as well as a burgeoning creative scene. Generations of families and newcomers alike delight in the intimate charm of this quiet, tucked-away neighborhood.

What to Expect

An affordable North Brooklyn neighborhood with a vibrant art and fashion scene.
Those who live here will tell you it has a charm that is uniquely its own. Industrial backdrops mixed with quiet residential streets distinguish Greenpoint from its other neighbors.

Many of the businesses in Greenpoint have been around for decades, which makes Greenpoint feel like an intimate community within an ever-changing borough. Residents revisit their favorite go-to places, where the local bodega owner knows their egg sandwich and coffee order in the morning.

Peaceful streets lead to quiet waterfronts that bound the neighborhood's western edges. You'll often find residents fishing from the boardwalk in the mornings, or going for a casual stroll in the evenings.

The Lifestyle

Laid-back music venues, bars, and restaurants set against a developing waterfront.
Greenpoint's quiet atmosphere extends from the residential areas to the main streets, where many entertainment options can be found.
In Greenpoint, you'll find a friendly mix of old, well-loved neighborhoods and new Brooklyn-branded eateries. Lomzynianka has been around for decades and serves authentic Polish food to regular customers every night, while in-the-know neighbors frequent bars like Matchless, tucked-away in what was formerly an auto repair shop.
Greenpoint offers a variety of shopping centers where fashionable neighbors visit boutiques like Old Hollywood, located on Franklin Street.

Those looking for inexpensive shopping find it in Manhattan Avenue, where Manhattan's Midtown East can be seen from afar.

Shoppers looking to explore Brooklyn’s literary scene visit Word, a popular indie bookstore that hosts book clubs and speakers regularly.

Nightlife in Greenpoint is a welcome mix of family-owned dive bars and modern speakeasy-type spots like Broken Land. Casual restaurants like Lokal offer a relaxing and low-key alternative to the bar scene.

At the northernmost tip of Greenpoint, residents hang out at the developing waterfront and enjoy incredible views of the Manhattan skyline.

The Market

Brand new condos and converted warehouses on the north side, and traditional row homes and walk-ups farther south.
Although rents in Greenpoint are lower than those in Manhattan and Williamsburg, they’ve also been on the rise as the neighborhood grows in popularity. Elegant brownstones and newly-built luxury condos on Franklin and Huron Streets are sought-after in the northern end, where developers hope to build even more high-rise buildings.

But near McGolrick and McCarren Park, traditional row homes are readily available at more affordable prices.
Neighborhood Block

You'll Fall in Love With

Hidden gems around every corner.
As a neighborhood that’s has been off of the radar from mainstream media or businesses, Greenpoint has developed an authentic atmosphere created by its residents.
Residents have put a new touch on post-industrial structures bringing about change and modernity with the conversion of abandoned warehouses to cool, contemporary homes.
Forgotten basements and closed storefronts are refurbished into do-it-yourself music venues and art galleries. But in some cases, there are areas in the neighborhood where the vintage look just fits better than a modern finish.

Although Greenpoint might feel so far removed from the city, you might find that the great view is all that you need. As proud Greenpointers will tell you, once you get here, you’ll never want to leave.

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